Let’s talk

There are nights that seem so long

I still find it difficult to sleep

Even after devotion and prayer

I always stay awake looking at the ceiling

With lights on

Today is not any different

Am still staring at that same spot

Same as that night when you spoke

That night when we had a sit down

And you reminded me that you saw everything

Each tear I have shed

Each plan that crumbled

All the needless pain I bore

You reminded me:

How valued I was

And how I had sold myself short by going for what I thought was a good choice

How your arm was always outstretched


Through it all, you still watched over me

I was still yours


All I needed to do was Trust and Obey

You have me and you promised to NEVER leave

As I stare at the same spot tonight

I am so grateful for your love and goodness

You who made me whole, my Good Good father.

You have been faithful and your amazing grace sufficient.

Am still in awe on how You loved me when I seemed unlovable

When backs turned and you turned to  me with outstretched arms.

When I left but you waited for me and took me back

You took away all my shame and you crowned me

You have sustained me

I have great confidence in your word.

Your love that endures forever

Your kindness that never falls

Your Mercies that are new every morning

Papa, what can I say ,Oshe Baba

I have tasted of You and i can confidently say that You are Good

I will forever glorify You.

Am desperate for you

Get closer, I get louder

Thank You for the cross, Lord.

Love always




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